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I recently had a bit of a clear out and a tidy up, so welcome to my very organised wardrobe!

I love my wardrobes. They’re a beautiful grey/ash/brown wood effect and they are huge, two magnificent double-doored visions of loveliness. I have plenty of room inside to spread out all of my clothing goodies, and here’s how I arrange them…

Before we even get started it’s best to mention that one thing you’ll notice about my clothes are the way they’re arranged. I tend to arrange styles together – so coats together, shawls together, long dresses together, short dresses together and so on. When it comes to my tops I group them together in style and then in colour… so all my grey tees and grey vest tops live together – vest tops first, then into the tees, and then I move to another colour and repeat. Lighter colours are always on the right, moving to darker colours on the left. Yep. I’m organised. It looks good though, and I immediately know where everything is. Now, OCD out of the way, on to the topic at hand!

The left side of my wardrobe is definitely dedicated to Autumn/Winter – aside from the one basket of swimwear tucked away at the back. I didn’t mean to arrange my wardrobes this way, but it just happened. Both sides of my wardrobe have a shelf right at the top, so let’s start there. My bikinis are all tucked away nicely in an almost wardrobe-matching basket. I don’t have a great supply of bikinis, and this is simply because fashion hates busty girls – if anyone out there knows of a dreamland where busty girls are showered in gifts of un-bra-like bikinis, let me know! My favourite trusty bikini is from Boux Avenue, but even their website lacks a bit of chic from time to time… and when they do have the odd fabulous DD+ bikini they’re sold out quicker than Coachella. I think I might start DIYing my own. All you need is a flattering, supportive bra and some waterproof fabric, right?! I’d LOVE a black scallop bikini, but I don’t think that’s every going to happen any time soon.

Anyway. I digress.

In front of my limited range of swimwear sits my ‘small bag’ collection. This is where I store my special occasion/night out bags, and the odd one bag that’s suitable for gigs or to take on days out when I was travelling. Black is definitely best and these bags go with my entire ‘special occasion/night out’ wardrobe – mostly because all the items of clothing in this section of my wardrobe are black. Ahem.

On the other side of my shelf sits all the beautiful autumn/winter floppy felt hats that I adore but have yet to wear. I’m waiting for a perfect ‘Sex and the City’ girls trip away to bring them all out. One day. But they are wonderful. My favourites are from Dorothy Perkins and here on boohoo.

Now on to the clothes! Below this shelf of accessories lays my coats, jackets, shawls, blazers, a few blouses for work, and all of my night out/special occasion dresses and playsuits. This is the part of my wardrobe that I am most proud of, and the part that rarely gets worn – terrible effort on my part. I need to create more exciting occasions for myself! I have a selection of waterfall coats, my favourite ‘go to’ of them all is my brand new charcoal-grey waterfall coat that you can find for only £18 here on boohoo. I absolutely love it, and it makes me feel so chic and stylish. This is the look I’m trying to go for, and have probably been trying to achieve for the last few years now. Finally I feel like I’m getting there. I have a similar waterfall coat in burgundy and black, and a sleeveless waterfall jacket in a lighter grey (another big wardrobe favourite!).

Next to this under-used section live my dresses and playsuits. I do love a slimming party-dress, and my selection is always growing. Every girl knows that you need a new dress for almost every occasion, right?! My top pieces at the moment are some sparkly dresses that I bought in December specifically for Christmas parties and an award ceremony. I have a beautiful full length sparkly black dress from Boutique Goddess and a shorter sparkly version from Pink Boutique - a similar version can be found on their site here. I absolutely love them both, and they’re both super flattering. The material is clingy in all the right places and flowy in all the other right places. They really do sparkle too! Another favourite dress, that I have yet to wear, is a pale lilac number from Boutique Goddess, but Pink Boutique also sell it here in two different colours at only £25 each! I don’t normally do light colours in my dressier items, but the material, colour, and style of this dress was too fabulous to pass up. It is a tiny bit see-through, so maybe opt for lighter colour pants. I’d also opt for a size smaller than you’d usually buy, the fabric is pretty stretchy. I had to return my 12 and buy a 10, it’s a far better fit!

Light lilac (or 'mauve') pleated dress from Pink Boutique | Sparkly black dress from Pink Boutique

Below the dressy-dresses lives an array of heels and heeled boots. Hurrah! More stylish items that I rarely wear. Cringe! I have one pair of amazing fail-proof heels that I’ve had forever and they very very very rarely let me down, and probably need a bit of tlc. These beautiful black platform heels are from Dorothy Perkins. I’ve not found a pair of heels this comfy since. DP heels are definitely worth a try for a night out! Moving swiftly on to heeled boots I have a brand new pair of burgundy booties from Deichmann that you can find here for only £24.99, thanks random January shopping-spree! I’m on the hunt for a grey pair like this, so if anyone knows of any please point me in the right direction! I did try on some similar pairs in New Look but didn’t love the shape/style of them on me.

Black 'lace up' heeled boots from New Look | Burgundy heeled boots from Deichmann

On to the right side of my wardrobe! I feel like this wardrobe is definitely on a spring/summer vibe, but does house all of my knitwear and a boot or two. Let’s follow on with the shoe theme and start at the bottom. The bottom of this wardrobe is where my favourite pair of knee-high booties live, and yes – they’re grey. These bad boys are from Dorothy Perkins earlier this year and I love to wear them as knee-high boots or ruffled down as ankle boots. It depends on where I’m going and what the occasion is, but I love that I can make them versatile. For me that’s super fashion-forward thinking and I’ve given myself a big gold star for it. A similar pair can be found in the DP's sale here for only £19.80! 

Also at the bottom lays an array of flat shoes, some of which are ungodly uncomfortable. They need wearing in around the house and I just haven’t given any thought to this since I neatly placed them in the wardrobe. They just live here now. They shouldn’t just live here now. Sorry shoes. This needs to be rectified. One pair of my flats however is a big favourite in my life. I have a slowly-disintegrating pair at the office for me to batter each day as I stomp around the building, and I loved them so much that I bought a second pair just because I knew I’d destroy the first (I’ve learnt to start doing this with all things I ‘love’ now, not just shoes). The second pair are still pristine and for me to use out and about at home. They’re from Primark, what a find! I also bought a brand new pair of pointy sling-back flats from Primark very recently, and they’re just as nice. I’m not normally a sling-back girl, but for these I made an exception.

Burgundy heeled boots from New Look | Grey knee-high boots from Dorothy Perkins | Black sling-back shoes from Primark

The next tier in my wardrobe-world is where all of my tops live. All of them. Every single one. Jumpers, plaid shirts, tees, vest tops, cardigans, and kimonos.  I’m a lover of the vest top. Guilty as charged. I absolutely love them, especially the longer ones. They suit my busty body-type really well, and I can throw them on with just about anything. I have a huge issue with more ‘fashionable’ tops. They aren’t made for people with boobs, let’s face it. They can be as pretty as they want to be, but as soon as you mention ‘strapless’ or ‘bardot’ I just collapse on the floor and give up. Yes I have a strapless bra, but how secure does one really feel whilst wearing it?! And does it really push your boobs up to where you want them to be?!

I do also love a good cardi. Fine knit, chunky knit, cable knit, cotton, if it looks good I’m all over it. I have some really lovely numbers that spring to mind too… a white cotton cardigan with a lace back from Forever 21 that’s perfect for a summer day, and a chunky cable knit grey cardigan from Primark that’s ideal from Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Take a peek at Forever 21's latest white cardigans here. I couldn’t live without my cardigan selection, about as much as I couldn’t live without my vest tops. They go so well together, like it was meant to be! When it’s warmer weather and getting too hot to handle I do swap my cardigans for the much lighter option of kimonos. I have two lovely kimonos from New Look, and either finish an outfit perfectly. They’re great for a sunshine holiday too.

Kimonos from New Look

Following on my love of knitwear I’m also partial to a jumper or two, or three, or four. Some of my favourites at the moment are recent H&M buys – a burnt orange jumper and a dark charcoal grey jumper that is amazingly comfortable and surprisingly stretchy. Both look great teemed with skinny jeans, and I’m excited to try the burnt orange number with some denim shorts this summer.

Grey chunky-knit cardigan from Primark | Burnt orange jumper from H&M | Grey jumper from boohoo

Shimmying along the rail a little you’ll find an endless supply of mink coat hangers (I refuse to use anything else) and a few cinch belts. My favourite is a sparkly silver number from ASOS.

Moving up to the final shelf in this wardrobe saga you’ll find summer hats. Lots and lots of impulsively bought summer hats. These are from just about everywhere, and they live neatly stacked praying and wishing for a day when I’ll wear them. There is a reason for my summer hats, and that reason is my black hair. When I do laze around in the sun at home or on holiday my head is the first thing to fry (I don’t know if you’ve had heat stroke, but it is grim). Normally I have no hat to hand so have to opt for a t-shirt that I beautifully tie around my head like a really badly designed headscarf, or just flop it over my entire face and head. Thinking that I look hugely unattractive with a random top on my face, I decided to invest in some more practical (and pretty) floppy summer hats. I do have one trusty straw trilby that does actually make it out to the garden with me when I’m basking in the sun. Somebody else probably has my brand new never worn dark brown straw trilby hat that I bought and then left at the airport…

Next to the summer hat selection lives my perfume collection and my watch collection. I’ll be doing a huge blog post about my perfume collection soon, so stay tuned for that! But my watches I will gladly talk about. Both are Marc Jacobs; one is a very smart black and gold number, and the other is a beautiful grey and rose gold number. I love them equally and am far too scared to wear them on a daily basis in case wear-and-tear gets the better of their straps. These are saved for special occasions.

And that is my wardrobe in its entirety. If you’ve made it this far with me, well done you. If you have any questions about any of the items in my wardrobe please comment below and I’ll gladly answer!

Claudia xo

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  1. Aaaah I love wardrobes as well! I also love seeing how other fashion lovers organise their wardrobes :) Your arrangement is stunning!

    1. Aww thank you so much! <3 I love a good wardrobe organisation... hehe.

      Claudia xo