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I've shared my clothing dreams, a little June fashion haul, and what secrets hide inside my wardrobe... so I wanted to share a few of my absolute favourite accessories at the moment.

I’m working really hard on this twenty-seventeen dream (see MY TWENTY-SEVENTEEN DREAMS post here) of improving myself. I’ve always been somewhat behind everyone else with trends and fashion, I’ve never been the ‘trendy’ girl or the ‘fashionable’ girl. I think I finally came into my own after travelling around Thailand in 2011. I came home and had such a stronger sense of who I was, what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do (sort of), and what I wanted to wear. I bought a lot of lovely ‘girl’s night out’ dresses, some fabulous shorts in a variety of colours, an array of pumps and heels… but I was definitely still on a fashion-journey. I think I’ll always be a step behind, but not ever a few strides, leaps, and bounds behind like I was during school and college! Yikes! So here’s to me working on improving myself and being a little more confident in trying new items. I had a HUGE bank holiday haul and you can read all about that here. Now. Onto the accessories.

Throughout autumn and winter I had a lovely burgundy handbag to match a lovely burgundy coat, but as winter faded away and my life began to change I realised that I wanted to be a little more classy, grown-up, and chic (not that there’s a single thing wrong with burgundy! I love it!). I’ve always loved grey too, but for some reason I haven’t considered it for such a long long time. All of a sudden I felt like it was the colour for me, and so I went on a big grey hunt, and as you already know I have a lovely new grey coat, boots, slippers, pjs…
Anyway. My burgundy bag was big, a little cumbersome, and a general pain to lug to and fro, so I knew that needed a change. I spent months and months looking for the perfect grey bag. I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find either the right colour or the right shape or the right style or right material (picky, am I right?!). I looked on every website I could think of and searched every shop nearby. Sadly no luck anywhere. I liked the occasional bag, but didn’t love anything.
I was having the same issue with a wallet. My old faux leather faux Jimmy Choo wallet from Thailand 2011 was looking seriously worse for wear – but it was so perfect! It had just enough designated card space for my enormous card collection. I always struggle with this when looking for a new wallet, do I have far more cards than the average person?!
Eventually I thought, why haven’t I looked on eBay yet! After all, I found my burgundy bag on an eBay outlet, so it made sense to have another look. After a few weeks of trailing through boring bags that didn’t meet my very basic needs (ha-ha), I finally found one perfect grey handbag and one perfect (almost matching) grey wallet. Hurrah! Both from China. Hmm. I must admit, I was a little put off by that considering how things aren’t always as nice as they seem when they arrive. But I went for it, bought both inexpensive items, and was hugely chuffed when they both showed up a few weeks later.

The bag is a lovely faux grey leather with a beautiful burgundy interior lining, and plenty of pockets. There’s also a sturdy zipped pocket through the centre of the bag acting as a perfect compartment separator, a section for my phone, and a handful of other tucked away pockets. The bag has the regular two smaller handles as well as a longer shoulder strap, and I do make use of both depending on my outfit. Though I did have to bin a lot of unnecessary items that I kept for ‘just in case’ scenarios, the new grey bag is a perfect size. It fits my makeup bag, my phone, my iPod, my keys, my perfume, my deodorant, and a handful of other small items. It doesn’t get in the way, it’s lightweight, and actually super sturdy.

The wallet is also a faux grey leather, with some other random materials thrown in, and it’s only downside is unfortunately the lack of space for cards (again, this could just be me hoarding cards!). I’ve had to keep a small handful of my less important cards all together in one pocket and then bless myself with the fun of guessing which one I’m pulling out. Annoying point aside it is a very nice wallet; it’s well put together, and has a built-in zip section for loose change.

I can honestly say that I’m super happy with my new bag and wallet. Thanks eBay! Well worth the very lengthy hunt, and they didn’t break the bank. Bag and wallet replacement is not for the faint hearted! You can find the bag here and the wallet here.

Two other items that I splurged on during my ‘let’s reinvent myself’ spree are a very thin brushed silver ring and a small silver initial pendant. I bought both of these amazing finds from Etsy; you can find the ring here and the pendant here. Both completely inexpensive, but both make such an impact visually.

I already had a chain from a previous necklace and so only wanted a replacement pendant, but it needed to fit over the clasp on the chain. I also really wanted an initial/alphabet pendant. They seem to be everywhere at the moment, but they don’t always look so great. Luckily, after a while of trailing through UK based Etsy sellers, I found one that I liked and one that would fit over my chain’s clasp. Hurrah! The initial/letter is stamped onto a tiny metal disc, and the disc itself is great quality – it’s not flimsy or tacky or thin. The font used is perfect, I can’t fault it, it honestly looks great in every initial (there’s an image of all the letters on the listing). I always find the letter ‘c’ can be a little underwhelming in most fonts, but I was thoroughly impressed. It’s neat, it’s tidy, and you can easily see which letter it is. The pendant arrived pretty swiftly and the packaging was just beautiful. This pendant also comes in two sizes, so if you wanted one a little bigger this is an option (I got the smallest size).

The pendant is available in three colours; silver, rose gold, and gold. I opted for silver, as my chain is silver and it's a colour that suits me really well! Matching chains are also available to buy with the pendant. 

The ring is just lovely. I already wear one silver sparkly ring on my right hand, so I knew I wanted a plain silver thin band on the other hand to complement it. I also have really thin and long fingers, so overly large rings for day-to-day wear don’t suit me. When the ring arrived I immediately noticed that it was a thinner band than I had expected, but I am so pleased that it is! The width is perfect, it looks so chic and delicate; it’s not overwhelming at all but still completely noticeable. I absolutely love it! The ring is custom made to your size, and there were three options for a finish on the ring, and I chose ‘brushed’. It gives a really nice shiny-but-not-too-shiny finish. It arrived fairly quickly (considering it was custom made to order!) and came in a lovely little black box embellished with the seller’s logo on the top. Again, the seller is UK based.

All in all my recent haul has been pretty wonderful. I love every item, and for me that’s pretty good going. I usually hate almost everything and send handfuls of items back, though being unable to do this with jewellery I really combed through the options available on Etsy. I’ve already got my eye on an array of new clothes and items so keep a look out for plenty more hauls and fashion posts. On to my next impulsive spree!

Claudia xo

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  1. Am loving the look of that bag and I love the colour!!xx www.jadesplacesite.wordpress.com

    1. I'm so glad I found it! The colour looks just as good in person!

      Claudia xo