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I may have taken advantage of all the wonderful discount codes that were swimming around over the bank holiday and spent far too much.

As you may already know one of my big goals this year is to work on myself and my style. I want to improve it and become far more confident in what I wear. This will definitely tie in with my other big 2017 goal, getting fitter and being slimmer again. I know there’s nothing wrong with the size I am now, but I’ve always been a bit slimmer than this and had so felt more confident in what I could wear. I’m in no way about to retire my favourite items, but I’d also like to get back into my dusty pink chinos and denim shorts.

I definitely can’t wear all the summer trends, and finding beautiful cost-effective DD+ bikinis and swimwear is the actual bane of my life, I mean – does fashion have something against girls with big boobs?! Larger busted girls (I’m talking DD+ and waaay over) – if you can get away with bardot tops and backless dresses comment below and let me know what kind of miracles you’re working! I need in!

Right, to the haul.

I trawled through a handful of online outlets and couldn’t find anything I liked or that I could wear (bardot, bardot everywhere). Story of my life. In the last few years I’m noticing that it’s more and more difficult to find items I actually like, and I’m coming away with fewer clothes each time I go shopping. This is more than likely a mix of me being a little self-conscious about certain items and the fact that some trends are just so ‘out there’ they’re really not good for anyone. I am however absolutely LOVING the embroidered bodysuits at the moment, and will probably get my hands on a couple at the end of the month (yes, sporting a beautiful black bra underneath them). These are a few of my absolute favourites…

My first stop along the haul-line was boohoo where I snapped up a black pleated playsuit, a ruched mocha skirt, and a sheer black bodysuit with an inner camisole top. Eep! The black playsuit is almost a normal go-to for me, and is in the same pleated material as my fabulous mauve dress from Pink Boutique (find it here) that I mentioned in my WARDROBE GOALS post. I almost always buy dresses over playsuits, but I do love a good romper from time to time. As I already knew that my Pink Boutique dress was pretty flattering I snapped this playsuit up. I may add a silver metal belt around the waist to dress it up. You can find a belted version of the playsuit here on In The Style.

The playsuit from boohoo is pretty perfect. I ordered a size 12 and it fits wonderfully. It’s not too short on your legs, so no bum on display! Yay! It does however make my thighs look a lot slimmer, win win. It’s clingy in all the right places (no lumps and bumps on show), and the pleated fabric has a nice silky texture to it. I do definitely think a belt would finish it off nicely, so it’s a shame that it doesn’t come with one like the In The Style UK version does, but I can team it with any belt I deem appropriate at the time. boohoo also stock a variety of versions of this playsuit, and also some matching dresses. Just search for 'pleated' options.

Next up, the ruched, rust-coloured skirt and sheer black bodysuit. I bought this combo because I’ve started going out to dinner and drinks with the girls now and again (and my friends think I should aim for some dates – cringe!), and I need something to wear. I have the casual down and I have plenty of dresses for nights out, but you need something in between for a girl’s dinner. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s a casual after-work dinner then smart jeans and a top is fine, but a fancy dinner and drinks night requires a bit more effort. Also, what if I do actually score a fancy dinner date!? I don’t particularly want to over-sell myself in a sparkly dress, or under-sell myself in something too casual.

Well, anyway, I don’t do skirts. Ever. I love a dress. I love jeggings. Dresses are easy, you find one that you love and you’ve got yourself a ready-made outfit. There’s no worry (usually) about gaping tops and other such possible disasters. You just do your makeup, throw on some eyelashes, pick out your bling, and off you go. Same for jeggings/jeans. I can pair them with a top, throw on a cardi, and walk out the door.

Skirts however, you have to find tops to match that don’t hang funny or gape or make you look like a tent and just arrrrghh. Is this a bigger busted problem, or do all girls experience this skirt-to-top drama?! To help me with this burden I thought that the sheer bodysuit may team well with the clingy skirt, especially as being a bodysuit there’s nothing to tuck in… but bodysuits are also something I’d never ever usually willingly select. This one does come with an inner top, so I hold out some hope here. I do absolutely love the look of bodysuits, and some of you Instagrammers and Bloggers out there are seriously rocking them right now. Bodysuits are everywhere at the moment. One can only try! And I did.

So here’s how I got on… I absolutely loved the skirt, it was completely flattering, though I was really surprised by the flimsy material. I expected it to be a bit more substantial. But I do love that you can pull it up or down on its ruched side and it will sit nicely either way.  It’s very flattering on the legs, but as the material is so flimsy don’t expect it to hold anything in. I’ll be breathing in all night long! Another down side to fabric was so light, you could also see the line from the bodysuit underneath it. I need to DIY a solution to this.

I was really worried about trying the bodysuit, but did feel a lot more confident with it having the sew-in camisole top underneath. I was hugely surprised. After I figured out how the inner top worked, it’s a bit of a challenge trying to get straps in the right places when the inner top is only half sew in place and there’s a mesh bodysuit encasing it, I really really loved it. It almost has a choker-like neckline, and I found the whole thing really figure-flattering. If you’ve got a bigger bust, like me, then it is quite ‘booby’ (my friend’s words, not mine), but it’s not bad ‘booby’! The mesh has such a nice look against my skin tone, and the inner top means that my bra isn’t on display. Unfortunately I noticed a gaping hole right at the front of the bodysuit, where the mesh joins the top, and it was pretty visible.

After chatting to boohoo’s customer service team on twitter I was told to send it back and buy a new one. Now, I purchased this bodysuit with a 20% off discount, and with 2 other items (making the postage cost seem less drastic). I then had to re-purchase the item, sans discount, and a pay a whole new amount of postage. To me, this seems a bit of a cheek. You sent me a faulty item (unknowingly or not), surely I should at least get free postage on a replacement item!? This sobered my elated mood entirely. However, old bodysuit with a hole is on its way back to boohoo, and a new (hopefully hole-free) replacement is on its way to me. To be fair to boohoo I’ve not received damaged goods from them before – but I have received goods with deodorant stains etc. Hmm.

Moving swiftly on to Forever21, I purchased some much needed pj bottoms that I’d had my eye on for a little while. I’m completely in love with cuffed skinny pj bottoms. They’re beyond comfy, flattering, and a bit more chic than regular bottoms. I wear pj bottoms more for lounging around in than actually sleeping in, and I take them with me if I ever stay overnight somewhere. They’re just so comfy!

I ordered a light grey pair in a medium, but when they arrived they were beyond skin tight. I couldn’t get them over my knees! I’m a solid size 12 (medium) and even checked their size guide before buying. I’ve now re-ordered a large, which is perfect because the darker grey bottoms were only available in a large and I wanted to be greedy and buy both pairs. I am now the proud owner of both the lighter heathered grey and the darker heathered grey bottoms. You can find both colours here on Forever21.

These bottoms will team up well with my new cream pj top with a lace trim from Primark and new ‘knitted’ grey slipper booties that you can find here on Amazon. The slipper booties also come in burgundy!

I wanted to write about an embroidered bodysuit and an embroidered vest top I bought from a UK-based eBay outlet, but neither of those have arrived yet - sob sob. They were due today, but sadly no luck. I'll chat about the items, but can't let you know how/if they fit nicely! I'll update you when they arrive.

You can find the bodysuit here for only £3.89. Now, this was a truly sensible purchase. I wanted to purchase an inexpensive totally sheer/embroidered bodysuit from an eBay store simply because I didn’t want to dive straight in and purchase a bodysuit from a store or website that was possibly unreturnable (some websites do specify that bodysuits are unreturnable, but swimwear is?!). Most bodysuits are in the £25-£35 price range, and as lovely as they are I don’t want to be stuck with one that doesn’t fit or that I truly can’t pull off. This is my cheapie tester bodysuit. If all goes well, I’ll be snapping up some of my embroidered favourites as mentioned above. If you like the bodysuit but don’t trust eBay retailers, you can find its almost-twin on here on Lasula.

As I do love a good vest top, and as I came across a lovely embroidered vest top on another eBay outlet I snapped it up (nothing wrong with a good rummage on eBay). You can find it here for only £5.79. I ordered the grey. The outlet has a handful of colours available, are UK based, but as mine hasn't arrived yet I can't comment on the sizing. So long as it fits well I may even treat myself to the embroidered vest top in black.

So all in all I think a very successful haul. I’m two bodysuits up, something I never ever thought I’d buy myself ever ever, and the proud owner of a skin-tight skirt, again something I wouldn’t normally buy. This surely has to be some form of progression. Hurrah!

I unquestionably think this all goes side by side with my hard work at the gym, and stalking beautiful Instagrammers and bloggers. I do look at other ladies and think ‘I’d love to be able to wear that’ or ‘that outfit looks amazing on her’ and want to try it myself, which is great. It’s far more positive than thinking those things and then saying to myself ‘…but I can’t ever wear that’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not delusional. I know that some things are definitely not suited to my body shape, and that’s mostly because I need a bit of extra support in places, but if I can wear something I’m going to try my best to make it happen. Money is always an issue; I’m not made of it and definitely don’t have jars of the stuff just laying around. A little at a time, sale by sale, I can achieve the looks I want. Go me!

Claudia xo

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