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Since my June Fashion Haul post I’ve been on a bit of a binge, oops…


I’m always a big fan of boohoo, and recently they had a fabulous ‘up to 70% off’ sale. Naturally I glanced through every page, but unfortunately there were lots of items I loved that were no longer in my size. Sob. Not to worry, ever the trooper I did manage to find two cheapie pieces in the 300+ page-long sale.

I, the girl who wears nothing but dresses on girl’s nights, bought a two-piece outfit in black. I absolutely love it. Though the top is a little snug for my chest size and therefore rides up ever so slightly, I can make do. It’s a very flattering co-ord outfit, and the skirt can be pulled down or ruched up a little to make use of a variety of lengths. The fabric is thin, but it’s not sheer, and it is somewhat tight and clingy – but in all the right places. You can find this outfit in the sale here.

Next up is a little white romper with a tasselled fringe. I was planning ahead here, I can wear this on future holidays (think Marrakesh), and as it was in the sale I thought why not. It looked lovely straight out of the bag, but the fabric does noticeably crease… and one tassel was unattached, though this is easily rectifiable with a few stiches. Trying it on was another matter, and this is definitely going to have to be one outfit that is strictly limited to the beach and pool-side. I mean, I’m not on Love Island.

Being a busty girl most things tend to ride up a little, and as this romper was fairly short to begin with, it definitely is not day-wear appropriate. Oops. But I loved it, so it’s staying, and will be worn at suitable locations. You can find the romper in the sale here.


I have been searching for a chunky cardigan with a big collar for such a long time, and I finally found one, in grey – hurrah! This piece is new in at New Look, and it’s so comfy and snug. I knew it was coming home with me before I even tried it on, and then when I did try it on (in the middle of the store) I knew it was the love of my life. Right there. Bae forever.

I haven’t worn it yet because I’m waiting for the right moment to unveil it to the world. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I’m waiting for some crisp autumn days where this cardigan will make the perfect finish to an outfit, and will be snug snug snug. As far as cardigans go, it’s also a pretty flattering fit. It’s happily joined my knitwear collection (obsession) in the wardrobe. The cardigan comes in a few colours, though I did only see the grey in store... which is fine by me. You can find this cardigan here.


We all love a good online shop, a great sale, and a brilliant bargain, and to go along with this I do also love a rummage through the eBay outlets. Now, I’m always sceptical when buying clothing from eBay outlets, especially when the outfits look like they’re batch manufactured all the way from China. I always select ‘UK Only’, but you can still tell which listings are Asian-made items. As many of you know, the worry with ordering clothes/shoes from Asia is that their sizing is usually (always) so much smaller than our UK sizing. Some of us European girls are also pretty busty (like me), so even though I double, triple check the size measurements within the listing it rarely fits when it gets here. However! I have gotten far better at this, especially as I tend to find the ‘UK based’ retailers have more accurate sizing. So let’s get into these items…

I’m pretty sure I have a bodysuit obsession at the moment, and I couldn’t pass these two up. In fact, I’ve ordered a few more since… but they haven’t arrived yet.

First up is a sheer, sleeved bodysuit. I wore this bodysuit for the first time to a girl’s dinner and cocktail eve on the weekend and the girls loved it so much that one of them ordered it herself! The listing had a handful of sizes to choose from – S/M/L, and so I careful consulted their sizing chart. I only look at the bust size and make a decision from there. I purchased a L.

The bodysuit arrived fairly quickly and looked absolutely fabulous on my hanger. I do already have a sheer, sleeved bodysuit, but this one has an embroidered red rose on the left chest. It really stood out during my eBay hunting, and being cheap enough I thought why not! It’s also really flattering on, and the sizing fits perfectly. It’s a stretchy fabric, with a lovely built-in choker-esque neckline. The embroidery of the single rose is faultless, and it stands out just as much when you’re wearing it as it does online. There are no other pulls or faults with the fabric. I did make the decision to wear a black strappy vest top underneath, and this finished the bodysuit off perfectly. You can find this bodysuit on eBay here.

The second bodysuit is a strappy number. The listing on eBay offered UK sizes, so being a size 12 that’s what I ordered. Again, another quick delivery here, well within their estimations. First impressions were wonderful; as with the bodysuit above it looked like a fairly good quality item with no pulls or other fabric issues. The ‘embroidered’ flowers aren’t directly embroidered into the fabric, they’re a little more like a sewn-on patch - but they’re absolutely beautiful, and I really like that they seem a little 3D. In fact, I think they’re a little nicer than some of the full price embroidered bodysuits out there. The only quibble I do have is that the ‘poppers’ are Velcro (fine), but the Velcro strip is a little too long and so digs into my legs and becomes pretty painful pretty quickly. Though this should be easily rectifiable with a careful snip of the scissors, phew. The size 12 however does fit perfectly. There’s a little stretch in the bodysuit too, and the straps are adjustable.
Even though the flower detailing is fairly large, I would still more than likely wear a light-weight, v-neck top underneath as it is pretty sheer; something silkier (like a cami) may be a nice touch. I honestly can’t complain about this purchase at all, and under £4, woo hoo! You can find the bodysuit on eBay here.

As you may remember I was waiting on a vest top I had purchased, and it was taking forever to arrive. Well, it never arrived and so, after getting my money back, I purchased from a second UK based eBay retailer.

I purchased this vest top in an XL, and not only did it arrive fairly quickly it also fits so so well. The material is thin but not see-through, and seems a fairly good quality. One large floral motif sits at the bottom of each strap, and they are also well finished. The floral motif was everywhere over the summer, and it’s still lingering around now. I’m loving the applique/embroidering!

I took this vest top for its debut in Scandinavia and it teamed perfectly with both my black jeggings and my high-waisted denim shorts. Win win. The top is fairly long on the front and back, and a little shorter on the sides. The shape of the hem is lovely, it curves quite flatteringly to meet on each hip. The photos on the eBay listing show the model tying the top in a knot on the front. I tried this and it looked terrible, so I did a partial-tuck into the front of my jeans/shorts and this finished my outfits off perfectly. You can find the vest top on eBay here.

Without spending an absolute fortune, my wardrobe is now very happily up by two bodysuits (with three more to come), one vest top, one two-piece outfit, one cardigan, and two pairs of shoes. Check me! I’ve gone from a girl who would never think to buy a bodysuit, to having a multitude in just a few months. eBay is so overlooked as an online retail outlet. It’s definitely great for picking up a bargain, and when purchasing from an eBay retailer the items are always brand new. Just be mindful of the sizing, they’re not always as they seem so please read the descriptions and size charts thoroughly.

Drop a comment below and let me know if you’ve scoped out any exciting pieces that have helped improve your wardrobe goals.

Claudia xo

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  1. I shouldn't have read this - I want a little shopping spree now!
    All lovely stuff :)

    1. Thank you!

      Hehe! I'm always keen for a shopping spree, it's a real problem!

      Claudia xo

  2. Everything you got is so cute! I need to get myself that cardigan asap, it looks so warm and cosy!


    1. Ahh thank you! That cardigan really is the warmest thing ever, it’s coming with me to brave the minus temps in Iceland this Christmas!

      Claudia xo