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I’m sort of gate-crashing a Christmas party very last minute, and so the first thing I naturally did was pull out all of my party pieces and try them on…

Low and behold, a typical girl, I didn’t want to wear a single thing that I already owned. I mean, are you even a girl if you don’t desperately need a new outfit for every occasion? I love a sparkly lurex dress, and I have two – one that’s far too short for a daytime party, and the other that is far too long for just Christmas drinks. Argh. I recently had a huge clear out of my wardrobe too, so my party section is really lacking in lustre right now. I did settle on a fancy playsuit, but it still wasn’t quite right – I was set on wearing a dress.

Being beyond limited on the time frame to find a new outfit I was up until 3am dress hunting online, praying for next day delivery to suffice. Wow. I really struggled to find anything that I loved, or even liked. So many pieces are strapless or backless, and for a busty girl this is an absolute nightmare. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune, and I didn’t want a ‘midi’ dress – I wanted a ‘mini’ dress, and I don’t overly love the ‘wrap’ look on myself. Not fussy at all, I know, but a girl wants what a girl wants.

If you've had a look yourself you may have noticed that the festive wear this year doesn't seem to have a clue what it wants to be at all. There are oriental pieces, fancy pieces, western pieces, super slutty plastic pieces, sleek trendy pieces, and then there are pieces that stores seem to have uncovered from the very depths of their stock rooms in boxes labelled '80's barbie dresses no-body wanted'. I did manage find a few pieces, and lots in sales and with hefty discounts – unfortunately that means a lack of sizes. Boo! But here are some of the pieces I did like…

Lasula has been a personal favourite every since I stumbled across their website back in the summer, and they do have some fab little pieces. In fact, I re-looked at the website whilst writing this and they have a few fabulous new options (could've done with those two days ago, thanks!).


This sequin dress is a sneaky new number on the Lasula website, and I so would've loved to have tried it on. However it's on the pricier end of the scale... but so so pretty. Next up is a black lurex dress - hurrah! I love this fabric, it's flattering in all the right places and it's sparkly without losing any of it's sparkles or scratching at your skin. Unfortunately it's a cowl-neck back, and that wasn't for me, but it is lovely lovely.

The playsuit that I was going to wear is a twin to this black wrap dress, and this dress is also the exact same cut as the lurex dress I mentioned that is far too short - imagine the lurex dress above had a baby with this wrap dress... and that's what I have hanging in my wardrobe. Being a busty girl wrap dresses tend to show off an awful lot more than you'd expect, and whilst that is ok as a playsuit, it's not ok for a daytime party when the dress is super short. 

The final dress is of course another lurex option, but in gold - and with a collar. I love the knot in the front of the dress, it's super flattering and really hides any food babies if you're going out to dinner. It's not too much of a plunge neckline either, but the split on the side is a bit of an odd cut. 

boohoo is of course next up, as they always have fabulous options. To be fair I did struggle here too, but there are a couple of dresses that have potential...


I absolutely love this sequin dress, love love love it. It does come in other colours, but the black is definitely the best... the one annoying thing, and the one huge factor that stopped me from buying this dress, is that it is backless. Uuughhhh. Can you feel my eyes rolling? Such a shame!

There aren't many lovely lace dresses around his season, and this floaty skater-style dress is a lovely relaxed style compared to all of the bodycon dresses that are massing the market lately. It has beautiful detailing, but does also have a fairly deep plunged neckline. Very very lovely, but not for me. Thanks neckline.

The pink sequin/tassel dress also comes in black, but it looks far nicer in the pale pink colour - or so I think anyway. The tassels are in just the right place to help cover any food babies and not to upset any girls with larger busts. This is another deep plunge neckline, but I couldn't resist throwing it in here. The sequined look is repeated from last year's influx of this style, but it's still as pretty as it was.

I wasn't sure about crushed velvet, mostly because I really hate velvet, but I don't seem to mind the crushed kind. I did want a red dress, and the neckline isn't too plunge either. This is definitely a strong contender for a fabulously festive party dress - and whilst it's not too over the top, the striking deep red certainly makes up for that.

Pretty Little Thing is of course another favourite of mine, so we'll head there next. They did have a fair few options, but they also had some scary options that looked like pure underwear *cough*Kourtney Kardashian's collection*cough*. Let's look at my top four....

Pretty Little ThingPretty Little ThingPretty Little ThingPretty Little Thing

As beautiful as this lovely rose gold sequined dress is, it is a whopping £75. Crikey! Unfortunately PLT isn't the cheapest outlet out there, but they do have the odd discount up and running, so keep checking back. The black sequin dress is a cheaper option, and it is lovely - who doesn't love a full sparkle for Christmas. I do love a one sleeved dress too, but the bra strap issue can come into play.

I love this dress. The stripes are teamed with mesh, so you may want to wear a tight vest top underneath - or brave the bra, whichever suits you. This dress is certainly all about the skirt. I love a feathered skirt, they really do attract all the attention and they're so fancy. Plus when the feathers fall off they make fabulous feather moustaches (hello fun photo ops).

High neck dresses seem to be trickling in this December, and I really don't mind them. They ooze just a little extra class, and save you from hunting for the perfect necklace - winner. If this were just a plain jersey dress I wouldn't pay it much attention, but the crushed velvet just adds a little something else, and it catches the light so well.

Miss Pap is one I tend to forget about, and I really need to bring it to the front of my 'favourite' online boutique list. They often have fabulous discounts too. Here are my favourite picks...

Miss PapMiss PapMiss PapMiss Pap

If you're looking for something full length there are a few beautiful lurex options out there. I have one myself and I absolutely love it. If it wasn't a little too fancy for daytime drinks I'd be wearing it for this Christmas party. It's so flattering and still shows a little leg but without going all out.

This black embellished dress certainly accents a lady's features, but the embellishments are sparkly and lovely. It's a basic dress with a little extra something. Another basic dress is this plum suede dress, a little strappy option. I do love it, but I think I'd be constantly stroking the material all night long going 'ooh'. The box neckline isn't something that overly appeals to me either, but I would certainly give it a go.

I love this sequin dress, but unfortunately it is somewhat backless. It's also a Kourtney K dress, so I'm really surprised to find it on Miss Pap. It also comes in a few other colours, and they're all lovely, but the black is definitely the one that stood out the most.

New Look is actually the place where I found my winning number, and it was highly unexpected. I did have a good look online and couldn't find a single thing that I liked, and when I walked into their Plymouth store it got even worse. I was greeted by jumbled displays of horrific 80's gear that should only ever be seen in your mum's old photos. I even had to snapchat a few pics to friends with massive 'wtf' captions. However, bite my tongue I did when I found these options...

Pink Crushed Velvet Dress  |  Embellished Lace Dress  |  Pink Sequin Dress  |  Embellished Velvet Dress

I do really like crushed velvet in pink, I don't know why... but it looks so pretty and party-perfect. Another strappy option, this is a great little piece if the typical black and silver isn't your festive thing. The red and black embellished lace dress is definitely a unique option, and another piece that stands away from the more traditional party dresses. It's maybe not something I'd consider for myself, but it is definitely a lovely and quirky option.

I actually tried on the pink sequin dress in the store and I really did like it. I even managed to squeeze into a 10 with ease, and I'm a 12 (hurrah). It is very flattering and very sparkly, a definite 'wow' dress. I wish I'd brought it home with me to be honest... buuuut the embellished velvet black dress won and that's the piece I'm wearing to the Christmas party. Being a busty girl it hugs me in all the right places, and the velvet jaquard-esque embellishments add a little class to the mesh overlay. It teams so well with a pair of black heels too. Hurrah!

New Look have some amazing deals on their party wear right now too.

I did also look at Oh Polly, but everything just screamed 'stripper', and so I boycotted immediately. Sorry Oh Polly, I do usually love your dresses but I'd also really love to be able to wear underwear, and leather isn't really my thing. So many of the dresses just weren't quite right for my build, as lovely and as glam as they are, or they didn't have my size left. Sob sob. I also needed something that would be suitable as a day-time party wear look... so hopefully I made the right choice with the black velvet/mesh mini-dress option from New Look. I'm really tempted to go back for the pink sequin number too... oops.

I'd love to know what you fabulous people are wearing for the party season, leave me a comment below and fill me in!

Claudia xo

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  1. I really love the lace boohoo dress, very pretty and very me! I'm not really attending any events or parties, but I will be wearing my happy Christmas jumper covered in festive doggies when I go to see my family on Christmas day. 😊

    1. It’s so pretty isn’t it!

      Ahh I need to buy myself an overly festive Christmas jumper to take away to Iceland with me!

      Claudia xo

  2. These dresses are lovely, although sadly my mini days are long behind me, haha. I hope you take some photos of you in the velvet dress, I bet you look gorgeous in it. I'll be wearing my trusty long sleeved purple Boden dress and boots to my Christmas dinner next week, and some novelty reindeer earrings, of course! X

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. I sadly didn’t get any photos I’m afraid! It was a very odd (and expensive) night!

      Ooh sounds lovely, and the cute earrings!! Have a fabulous dinner!

      Claudia xo

  3. I honestly pay no attention to fashion and what’s “in” so I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that the shops don’t know what kinda angle to go for this year! I love that pinky tassel dress 😍


    1. Hehe, don’t worry I’m often the same! This year is just crazy confusing with so many random styles!

      Claudia xo

  4. I love festive dresses but I always have a nightmare finding anything that suits me. High necklines make my chest look like a shelf, but the ultra low plunges show off way too much. It's tricky! But I'm a magpie for anything shiny or sparkly so I think you picked some excellent options! I really love the dress you chose in the end, beautiful!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Ahh thank you Beth, I’m so pleased with my choice too! A little bit classy but perfect for parties.

      I have such a hard time finding things that suit me too, you’re not alone! I have one amazing dress in my wardrobe that I’m dying to wear, but even with a plunge bra on it’s just way too much BOOB. Argh! I definitely think it’s a case of trying on as many options as possible before finding the right one.

      Claudia xo