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So as we brilliantly fly from twenty-seventeen to twenty-eighteen I thought it was time for a little life update…

Twenty-seventeen has been a trying year for almost everyone I’ve spoken to, but with the downs have been some incredible ups. I can honestly say that I am coming out of twenty-seventeen a lot wiser, far freer, and way more inspired than ever before… though still unemployed and with dwindling funds. But I’m not worried, or at least not yet anyway. I have a gift for living in complete denial.

I set myself some goals in twenty-seventeen… to laugh, to live, to motivate myself, and to simply feel like me again. Whilst I still don’t fit into my dusky pink chinos (I’m almost there!) I do think I’ve begun to achieve my other goals. I have definitely laughed, but I have also cried, I’ve definitely lived and travelled, though not as much as I'd have liked, I have certainly tried new things and lived new experiences… and all of the amazing moments I’ve had and memories I’ve made along the way really do motivate me to keep going and truly do make me feel like my alive, vibrant, inquisitive, and creative self again.

I did lose myself along the way in twenty-sixteen, but when I travel I feel like irrational, upsetting, irritating, bewildering things that really don't matter all melt away. Seeing and experiencing new things in new places makes my absolutely soul sing.


…and that brings me to my main goal for twenty-eighteen – travel as much as I can. On a budget. A big budget. A big unemployed person’s budget. I already have Marrakech in March, booked and paid for, and this will be an incredible start to the twenty-eighteen travel diaries. I have always wanted to see Morocco, and this will be my first trip in a really long time where I won’t be going solo. I’ll be travelling with three of my strongest and most amazing girls and I honestly can’t wait. Though I don’t think they’ll be expecting me to be up at the crack of dawn to get those amazing photos in… shh, don’t tell them.

I’m also considering Slovenia and Austria for early autumn, and I would like to get to Bali somewhere along the lines. I wouldn’t mind a brief trip back to Italy in twenty-eighteen or twenty-nineteen either. I’ve already seen Italy from top to bottom, but it was way way before photos and Instagram were a thing, and so I’d like to go back, with all of my improved photography skills, and grab myself some amazing shots. Not just for Instagram, but for me and for my memories, and for the incredible travel wall of photographs that I’m DIYing along my staircase.

I am absolutely dying to get to a Pangea Dreams Retreat, and the Bali trip with Lisa Homsy as a co-host sounds just magical. I was all set to go ahead and pick a retreat for this year, but sadly found myself lacking an income. This big wish will have to take a back seat for a little while, but it doesn't mean I wont get there one day. If anyone is feeling super generous this twenty-eighteen and would like to make a girl's dreams come true....... no? 


So, incredible Pangea Dreams trip aside, how am I going to achieve all of these incredible trips whilst being a lowly unemployed single girl on a crazy tight budget? I’m going to book the cheapest trips as and when they become available. I have no ties so there is no worry about when I need to go, or where. I will be hugely cutting back on my spending, including food shops. I have a full kitchen, fridge, and freezer and so I really should eat my way through all of that before buying more and more food – of course, I will buy new fresh fruits and veggies when I need them.

Another big, and somewhat scary, idea that I’m having is to fashion my spare bedroom (currently an office) into a real bedroom and rent it out. To a total stranger. Any takers?! I’d love if a likeminded gal moved in, so here’s hoping for a talented and creative housemate who is super keen for movies and popcorn nights on the sofa as well as fun trips filled with photo-ops. The alternative is that Prince Charming himself moves in… buuut I think we all know that’s beyond unlikely. Besides, what if Prince Charming doesn’t want to see the golden leaves of Bled in the Autumn… eep. Safer to go with a likeminded gal I think. I've come to the realisation that girls need girls to live, to smile, and to empower one another - we'll see what twenty-eighteen brings. 


I’ve also been working hard to improve my Lightroom skills. I’m developing a few preset sets that I am hoping to eventually sell on my blog. Please please let me know what you think of this, and if you aren’t sure what my snaps look like head over to my Instagram to take a peek (it’s brimming with Iceland photos) - @perfectlyclaudia. I may also have a guest blogger opportunity coming up, we shall see how that unfolds, and I’d really like to try a few other options… I just need to plan them out carefully.

I think my soul would die all over again if I had to return to employed life. I am so beyond fed up with employers and colleagues being down-right cruel and hugely taking the piss. I live in Cornwall, and it really is such a place of injustice at times. Women really are not treated the same, and administration staff are pushed aside as nothing. So here’s to twenty-eighteen and me trying to go it alone for as long as physically possible. If I can bag myself an amazing housemate I’ll be set, even if I have to find a small part-time job to fund my travels. I really don’t want to go back to a dull, dreary, soul-sucking, life-draining employed job. I mean, if an incredible job in digital marketing/social media/photography/blogging comes up then I’m all for it! But until then I’m going to be as picky and finicky and self-righteous as physically possible. Get it girl.

If you’ve got any tips, helpful ideas, or words of encouragement for me please do drop me a comment! Let me know if you’re going it alone in twenty-eighteen too (want to move in!?). I feel so amazingly positive about twenty-eighteen and I’m no way letting this energy dwindle away. I am ready for challenges, ready for adventures… and ready to decide to only do what makes my heart smile. I’ve lived with resting bitch face for far too long. Bring it on twenty-eighteen – you are my year.

Claudia xo

p.s. Iceland blog post will be live next Friday... it's a good one.

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  1. Hope you achieve all of this, what an epic year 2018 will be!!

    Abi xx

    1. Thank you so much Abi!! I can’t wait to see what it brings. I hope you have a fabulous year too!

      Claudia xo

  2. Yay! This makes me happy - that you're so positive! Totally agree with you about the unemployed life, good for you! You don't need that kind of negativity, just do what you need to do to fund your actual passions in life :)

    V excited to see what you've got coming up this year!

    1. Ahh thank you so much lovely lady! <3
      I am going to do my absolute best to follow my heart this year and do things that make me smile!

      Claudia xo