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Oops, I was a little slack in posting last week – so sorry, my self-employed business was a little manic in the lead up to Valentine’s Day…

A little while ago I decided to take the plunge and eat as plant based as possible (you can read all about it here), and lots of people asked for an update, and as I don’t like to disappoint here is my very honest update.

I started out really strong, as anyone excited with a new journey does, and kept to plant based for as long as possible. It might’ve gone out the window a month or so later with a ‘hangover-specific’ bacon roll. But, that being said, I didn’t enjoy the bacon as much as I normally would have. I’ve always been a bacon fiend, but this time I wasn’t overly bothered about it. Interesting.

I then went to Iceland, and thankfully they’re so fish heavy in their diets that meat was no issue. I loved the healthy foods and the mass amount of fish, it was such a refreshing experience to see that meat had to be specially ordered and that fish was the main focal point (even if some of it was whale). We even had an all you can eat Chinese on Christmas Day, which swapped the meat for fish – hurrah! Even in London I was eating veggie burgers where I could, and kept to a plant based diet at a Mexican restaurant. I did partake in one breakfast helping of bacon, cough, but as I said in my initial post I don’t want to be a burden to others and put them out if they’re cooking for me.

Somewhere amongst the whirlwind of travels I came across a post on Facebook that really sealed the ‘no-meat’ deal for me. It was a vile picture of cancerous meat, and beneath that was a barrage of comments from people who had/still do work in the meat industry. I won’t make you feel as sick as I felt reading them, but I really haven’t had any urge to eat meat since then. Yes, yes, I know that you can’t physically ‘get cancer’ from eating cancerous meat, but it’s enough to make you wonder what else they’re cutting out from our meat and selling the remainders.

Since this eye-opening moment I have refused meat at every turn, no matter where I am. If my parent’s cook a roast, I’ve refused the meat and made stuffing or cooked a nut roast in its place – or simply gone without and eaten extra veggies. I’ve filled my freezer with fresh fish and have been loving experimenting with new dishes and flavours. I have absolutely fallen in love with Tapas restaurants too! You may have caught on my Instagram in January that I went to Las Iguanas for my birthday and ordered the best spread I think I’ve ever ordered in my life – totally meat-free! It looked absolutely amazing - best spread I’d ever re-arranged ever haha. Sadly a real lack of fish on the menu though, so most veggie stuff was salads or carbs, but it was great.

Tapas restaurants are such a blessing, with so many fish or veggie or vegan options, and most of them cater for gluten-free too. I’ve been to a variety of other restaurants lately that have seriously struggled to impress and that barely touch on veggie options. I had no idea how difficult it really was until I stepped into the veggie/vegan world. Kudos to those of you that took the plunge long long ago. I’m so dedicated to staying strong that I’ve re-arranged my Pinterest boards and now have one specifically for veggie and vegan dishes, and it really is helping! I’ve even adapted some meatie recipes to work with fish – for example sticky chicken wings are now sticky fried fish. Yum. Yum. Yum.

If you’re keen to see some of these dishes, or have recipes, let me know and I’ll make more of an effort to snap my meals and write down recipes – I often adapt as I go and then forget what I’ve done, so I should probably get into a habit of writing them down anyway, even if just for myself.

So that’s my plant-based story so far. Not entirely plant based, but definitely meat-free. I’m still eating eggs, because they’re a total love of my life, but the rest is as plant based as I can get, even my snacks (which I’ve also cut down on). If you have any tips or stories to share please please do comment down below, I’d love to hear all about it!

Claudia xo

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  1. Heeey it's going pretty well! Good for you!
    Yeah I've been mostly plant-based for a few years and I watched Earthlings and that proper sealed the deal for me, much like your cancerous meat thing!
    Pleased it's going well lovely :)

    1. Eeeep I’ve not seen Earthlings but might avoid it hahaha!

      Thank you! I’m doing really well to stay strong, super impressed with myself. Hopefully there are plenty of meat-free alternatives in Morocco next month!

      Claudia xo